GRILAMID and ACETATE: find out more about the materials used in our production


Grilamid is a special material mainly suitable for the manufacturing with the technologies of injection molding. This material is widely used in the field of eyewear because it’s a very light plastic polymer with a strong resistance to environmental agent and it’s biologically compatible and safe for direct contact with the skin, even in long-term use.
Glasses made with this material fit well to the shape of the face and they’re 20% lighter compared to conventional materials.  Moreover,  it offers greater resistance to shocks and tractions and greater resistance with no deformation at high temperatures. Grilamid has a “shape memory”, which means it can be bent, but it will return to the original shape.  

  • Grilamid glasses are extraordinary light.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Great resistance to shocks. It does not deform.
  • At the same time, glasses are comfortable and light.


Cellulose acetate is a polymer that comes from cotton, so it’s of vegetable origin and time resistant.
Cellulose acetate has good toughness and shock resistance properties ; it’s stable at room temperature and it has a good resistance to discoloration when exposed to sunlight.
In the optical industry acetate was first used to reproduce some natural products such as the tortoises or the wood, but it ended up taking its own structures no longer imitating the natural products previously used. The leading companies in this field, for both the production of semi-finished products and the production of glasses, are Italian. Frames are manufactured, starting from sheet of cellulose, with the milling followed by the producing and the molding.  Acetate presents itself as colorful sheets in which different parts, that will make up the frame, are cut.

  • High quality material and beautiful handmade finishing.
  • Durable glasses.
  • The choice of colors is almost unlimited and today’s technologies allow the realization of unlimited color and pattern schemes.
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